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    While in the Nursery

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    0-24 Month Old Nursery "Infant Nursery"

    While you are at Sunday School and church, your baby will be cared for well. The nursery workers are loving, kind, and capable in the care of children in this age group. Special attention is given to making sure they are kept clean and happy. There are toys throughout the nursery designed with the growth of your baby in mind. Our nurseries are thoroughly cleaned weekly and all toys are sanitized after every service for the safety and well being of the children playing with them. The baby information cards are vital in the proper care of the children and are referred to often by the workers. Your child will know sooner than later that the nursery workers are there to love and play with them teaching them about the love of God along the way.

    2-3 Year Old "Little Angels"

    While you are in Sunday School, your child is also in Sunday School. This nursery provides a Sunday
    school class that teaches the same lesson you will be learning in your adult class; however, it is at a level they can understand. They will have coloring projects and crafts that will entertain and teach. Following the Sunday School
    hour, your child will enjoy a schedule of activities that include stories, songs, snacks, and plenty of active play time. The workers in this age group realize that along with caring and loving these little ones, they are there to
    train and teach them well.
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